Dan L90 Lifebuoy Light
Product Code: Dan L90
Formerly supplied by Comet GmbH as their Lifebuoy Light 9120500. This outstanding light is now manufactured by Daniamant as the L90 series. It uses five alkaline batteries, offering a life of one year. Robust and reliable, the L90 is automatically activated after manually releasing the light, which functions when unit is upright. The L90 is fastened to vessel only with a L90 mounting bracket.
Length 380mm
Weight 1080g
Light Output 2 Cd minimum for 2 hours
Lamp 4 volt, 0.6 Amp
Batteries 5 pcs 1.5 volt LR20
Activation Self-activating by tilt switch
Connecting Line Unit comes complete with a 2.5m lanyard
When To Use
A lifebuoy light marks the position of the lifebuoy. It is attached to the lifebuoys on board the ship. In case of a man overboard, the lifebuoy will be thrown together with the lifebuoy light. It marks the position of the lifebuoy for the person who has gone overboard and for the ship or the rescue boat.
Lifebuoy lights are provided on ships (a lifebuoy light is connected to every second lifebuoy; minimum is 2 lifebuoy lights per ship). The L90 Lifebuoy Light has been constructed to withstand a drop into the water from at least 30m as required by LSA Code (Chapter II, Section 2.1.6). This model has been approved to 60m. Maximum stowage height: 60m
Dispose of used lights in accordance with local regulations. This should be done through an approved environmental disposal agent.

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