Orange Handsmoke
Product Code: 9132600
Hand-held orange smoke signal.
Particularly suitable for yachts, dinghies and sailboards, this water resistant, hand- held signal produces a dense orange smoke for daylight distress signalling and wind direction indication.
Length 243 mm (9.6")
Diameter 38 mm (1.5")
Weight 200 g (7.1 oz)
Net Explosive Content 66 g (2.3 oz)
Flare Colour Orange
Flare Burn Time (Min.) 60 seconds
When To Use
For use in day distress signal situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation. To operate: Remove base cap , hold away from body and sharply pull toggle. Hold outboard and downwind.
Storage Requirements
Ideally should be stored in the robust, specially designed polybottle, or in a dry, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.
Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly through approved channels in accordance with local regulations.

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