Signal Cartridge Calibre 4
Product Code: 9182100, ~2200, ~2000
This signalling cartridge is fired from a pistol. Calibre 26.5mm and available in White (9182100), Green (9182200) and Red (9182000).
Length 80mm
Diameter 26.5mm (Calibre 4)
Height >100m
Net Explosive Content Red and Green: 15g; White: 26g
Maximum Quantity Per Pack 10 Signal Cartridges in a paper box; 250 Signal Cartridges in a fibreboard carton
Pack Dimensions L 37 x W 27 X H26 cm
Estimated Gross Weight Red and Green: 10kg; White: 12kg
Estimated Net Weight Red and Green: 9kg; White: 11kg
Net Explosive Content Per Pack Red and Green: 3.75kg; White: 6.5okg
Hazard Class 1.4G
UN Number 0312

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