White Handflare
Product Code: 9162500
Hand-held, Collision warning signal.
Designed for use as a collision warning signal or for illuminating small areas where an intense white light is required. Compact flare featuring a unique telescopic handle saving space for stowage.
Length 175 mm (6.9")
Diameter 28 mm (1.1")
Length with handle pulled out 280 mm (11.0")
Weight 160 g (5.6 oz)
Net Explosive Content 53 g (1.9 oz)
Light Colour White
Light Burn Time (Min.) 60 seconds
Ignition Method Top Pull-wire Igniter
Light Intensity 2,500 candela
When To Use
In event of a man overboard emergency, the marker iis automatically deployed by releasing the attached 4kg lifebuoy and marks position of the casualty. Or signal can also be manually deployed.nn
Storage Requirements
Ideally should be stored in the robust, specially designed polybottle, or in a dry, easily accessed location at ambient temperature.
Hazardous item! Dispose of responsibly through approved channels in accordance with local regulations.
Type Fibreboard Box
Maximum Quantity Per Pack 100
Pack Dimensions 37 x 27 x 26 cm
Estimated Gross Weight 16.9 Kg
Estimated Net Weight 16 Kg
Net Explosive Content Per Pack 5.30 Kg
Hazard Class 1.4G
UN Number UN0505: Signals, distress, ship
Transport Method Road, Sea or Cargo Aircraft Only

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